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Get Inspired By Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s world-leading sustainable tourism strategies just get better and better. Their branding work is excellent – the Sustainable Copenhagen web page is a model of good design, content and usability.

Copenhagen’s new ‘Tourism for Good’ initiative with goals for 2030 delivers a message of long-term commitment to imaginative, long-term sustainable development. They are crystal clear on their mission in the very first sentence: “Sustainable growth is considered the only relevant kind of growth.” What ideas does Copenhagen inspire in you?

When Lodging & Government Are On The Same Page

It’s America’s first “landscape hotel.” The Ambiente in Sedona, Arizona is 40 small, individually sited cube-shaped rooms that blend into the hillside environment. The lodging industry and local government pursued a sustainability ethos while upping quality and creating a new visitor experience.

Earned Media Builds Buzz

I am proud of our work with Al Ula, and the world is noticing this amazing Saudi Arabian cultural site. This recent Esquire piece introduces an excellent Euro News video on the city. It’s the kind of multi-platform and multi outlet coverage worth its weight in gold, frankincense and myrrh (Al Ula is historically famous for its spice and incense trade!)

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