In his latest book, Covid-19 & Travel: Impacts, Responses and Outcomes,  Dr. Simon Hudson discusses why the coronavirus pandemic makes 2020 a defining moment in the history of tourism and hospitality and reviews what the industry is doing well – and maybe not so well. As usual, his insights are well-informed and valuable to all of us.

For those new to Dr. Simon, he is an internationally recognized tourism expert based at the University of South Carolina. He received his MBA from the California State University and his Ph.D. in consumer behavior from the University of Surrey, UK.

He has written 10 books and over 100 research articles & book chapters. In addition to his outstanding academic and publishing credentials, Dr. Hudson has a hands-on international  business background in the retail and ski industry.

His award-winning work at the University of Calgary and the University of Brighton have made him a widely respected consultant.  He has held visiting positions in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. He has taught three times on Semester at Sea.

I think you will enjoy the conversation and the opportunity to preorder Covid-19 & Travel: Impacts, Responses and Outcomes

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