A well organized, respected Destination Management Organization is the foundation of every successful tourism destination.

TEI experts have helped both small and large DMOs build award-winning accredited organizations with an eye to the future.

The destination tourism industry requires sophisticated management that works with DMOs and extends to residents and stakeholders. TEI’s team of civic and community leaders are deeply experienced in developing management teams and uniting disparate stakeholders into a smoothly-functioning organizational structure.

We review the current organizational approach, policies and procedures, evaluate the DMO culture and listen to leading stakeholders.  We work with you to create a management structure that establishes unified direction and agreed-upon goals.

Our process:

  • Reviews current policies and procedures and provides recommendations to streamline operations and abide by best practices
  • Helps new and emerging destinations set up and develop a strong DMO foundation with a focus on sustainability, solid governance and reliable funding
  • Evaluates current management structures such as Boards or Committees to find efficiencies in management procedures
  • Creates energized and accountable advisory groups and action teams with clear goals, metrics, and timelines
  • Identifies and integrates local data sources such as tax revenues, hotel ADRs and seasonal traffic counts so critical information is readily available for shared, data-driven decisions
  • Engages stakeholders in ongoing dialogue to assure management direction matches community expectations
  • Unites local tourism-related businesses
  • Provides team training and leadership models for development of future tourism leaders
  • Takes a fresh overview to engage critical non private-sector stakeholders such as local government, state and federal parks, nonprofits, local schools and faith groups

Your destination’s unique characteristics require a customized management structure that clarifies procedures and facilitates communication for timely information-sharing and decision-making.  TEI is dedicated to helping you achieve maximum effectiveness.

TEI has collected the best of the industry’s best – all supporting you, your destination and your next development steps. ​ Our consultants collaborate with you to create sustainable, community-supported tourism and economic development grounded in an authentic sense of place, producing balanced economic growth, increased tax revenues and an improved quality of life.

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