The coronavirus has temporarily hobbled the world economy as nations everywhere take aggressive action to protect their citizens and handle profound economic disruption. No industry is suffering more hardship than travel and tourism.

At TEI we are advising our clients to support official safety procedures and to advocate for assistance to the primary, secondary and tertiary tourism-related businesses experiencing this unexpected and severe blow.

We also suggest that tourism managers begin now to prepare for the new world that awaits when international travel and trade resume. A review of your tourism strategy, a revamped marketing focus to accommodate new realities, a strategic consultation with stakeholders to adapt your short-term recovery tactics to ensure full industry integration, and a plan for the impact on overall services and product development – all are essential so that you are ready to compete in the new travel marketplace.

We stand ready to help you weather the crisis and emerge stronger by mapping out a deep strategic analysis, debriefing stakeholders and developing new approaches – keeping your local industry united and focused on the future. Contact us for a consultation today.

Sustainable Tourism Management
Build a tourism culture that respects your environment and values.
Strategic Planning
Define your vision, find your strengths, maximize your opportunities.
Branding, Marketing and Communications
Identify the heart of your appeal & brand it.
Organizational Management
Learn best practices for DMO management.
Product Development
Assess your tourism products & align with your model visitor.
​Training & Education
Hands-on training and resources to help your industry grow.
TEI has collected the best of the industry’s best – all supporting you, your destination and your next development steps. ​ Our consultants collaborate with you to create sustainable, community-supported tourism and economic development grounded in an authentic sense of place, producing balanced economic growth, increased tax revenues and an improved quality of life.
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