Sustainability is today’s standard for destinations around the world, a phenomenon we call “The End of Tourism as We Know it.”

TEI led development of a sustainable tourism strategy in Sedona, Arizona, with the award-winning Sustainable Tourism Plan, the first in Arizona – a state with several world-class destinations.

  • Residents require tourism management that values local natural resources and lifestyle –and places those values at the heart of marketing and visitor management.
  • Visitors look for authentic encounters that make them feel a part of the destination’s fabric.  This sense of ‘temporary localhood’ is matched by a desire for reducing their environmental impact and supporting the local economy.

TEI uses data, technology and 360-degree community engagement to create customized sustainability plans with strategies for:

  • Traffic management
  • Seasonal balance – increasing visitation during need and shoulder periods
  • Crowd dispersal
  • Strategies to protect access to fragile wilderness areas and sensitive historic or prehistoric sites
  • Economic data collection and analysis; expedited information sharing and decision making
  • Visitor and resident education supporting a shared culture of respect and conservation
  • Transportation planning, including infrastructure, transit, and alternatives such as shuttles, bikes and pedestrian paths
  • Utilizing festivals and voluntourism to build resident/visitor understanding
  • Internal structures uniting governments, businesses, residents and community groups in the process of managing policies and practices

Sedona provides an excellent study in producing results that build credibility, community pride and an ongoing commitment to success.

TEI has collected the best of the industry’s best – all supporting you, your destination and your next development steps. ​ Our consultants collaborate with you to create sustainable, community-supported tourism and economic development grounded in an authentic sense of place, producing balanced economic growth, increased tax revenues and an improved quality of life.
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